Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Parselmouths

Ah, the Parselmouths, those snotty Slytherin Girls ( and boy) that make me laugh even though I'm not a Slytherin.
I love evil wizard rock, even though I'm not a big evil fan. I've even started an evil wrock project (Magic Most Evil, but that's another article).
But anyway, I like the Parselmouths because they're likeably evil. They're not murdering fascists (Voldemort) or crazy blood thirsty insane women (Bellatrix). They're funny teenage girls (and boy) who's parents are alledgedly death eaters or something like that from what I gather.
They're just fun people who wonder why Hermione's name sounds whiny with a guitar in hand. I think that's most of what makes them likeable in the first place. So yay for non-evil evil wizard rock!

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