Thursday, February 10, 2011

Album News

As you guys MUST already know about my band Love Wrocks (plugplugplugplugplug), we're releasing a new album in a couple months!
One is my cover album, Polyjuice Potion.
The other is my handwritten album, Don't Curse the Hufflepuff.
You should be so freakin' proud!
That shall be all. Thank you for listening to this public service announcement.

Monday, February 7, 2011

We Are Wizards Movie

Alright, so if you don't know, We Are Wizards is a documentary that you can watch for free on Hulu and it's about the Harry Potter fandom obvioiusly.
It covered a range of stuff about our world and even captured an Anti-Potter's point of view, which became one of the most controversial moments in the movie.
Wrock- Harry and the Potters, The Hungarian Horntails, DJ Luna Lovegood, the Cedric Diggorys, two minutes of The Whomping Willows, ten minutes of Draco and the Mafoy's.
Others- Brad Neely of Wizard People, Dear Reader, Miss Potterwar (I forgot her name), a few legal representitives, MELISSA FREAKIN' ANELLI, and Carol what's her face who makes anti-Harry Potter movies.
The wrock aspect spent a lot of time on the Lovely Wizard Rock Partridge family (Darius was so small!!!) and Harry and the Potters. This wasn't a  wrock centric movie and I had to remember that while watching when it went more indepth on other stuff (if you want a wrock documentary check out the Wizard Rockumentary)
A surprising amount of content was on the war with Warner Brothers with amusingly nasty commentary from Brad Neely about how he didn't want his misinformed movie voice over shown at a Potter conferance for free of getting sued for everything he owns, and Ms.Potterwar on becoming head of, organizing a worldwide boycott of everything Harry Potter EXCEPT for the books and ending the evil letter campaign.
I also enjoyed Carol's contributions to the movie in an odd way. As I mentioned before this Carol woman is very anti-Harry Potter, but I'm glad they stuck her in there, because I think a lot of directors are scared of straying too out of subject, but it was cool to get a different perspective (sp?). If you have an opinion on that mess, comment below.
Melissa Anelli was in the movie a good bit, talking more from a fan perspective and cool info about cons and stuff.
Harry and the Potters were easily one of the best bits. Joe and Paul are funny and it provided basis to the noble and humble start to the first wrock band.
What's your opinion on the movie? Leave a comment.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to the Wizard Critic

Hello everyone,
So basically, this is my Harry Potter fandom blog. It's gonna be pretty cool I hope.
Things that will go on here:
Wizard Rock Reviews mostly (I promise I won't be as harsh as the Wrock Snob)
Fandom going's on.
My wizard rock band (love wrocks)
Why this happens like this
Movie beef
Deep Potter thoughts.
So lets get to it shall we?
Commene Awesome!